Friday, August 12, 2011

Just a quickie update.... Down this week to 256.4! Thats down over 6 lbs from last week! I know a lot of it is water weight from the departure of my monthly friend, my stress level coming down significantly, and being to busy to have a lot of time to be bored. (because we all know bored = food)

I'm now getting into the range where I started faltering (and eventually regained) before. I dont remember my 'offical' lowest weight, but I know it was the low 250's. I know I never saw the 240's.

I am a little freaked out.... I went a couple weeks late last month off plan and ended up gaining about 2 lbs back. I was scared I had started my fall, that I would end up right back where I started in a matter of months.

Thankfully, I've been able to turn it around. I'm back on track, counting my points, planning my meals, recording what I eat. I've refused giant Reeses Cups, I've cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery, and the siren song of the Chick Fil A waffle fry.

I've been trying to stop eating before I'm full, which is counter intuitive for me. I'm trying to make my stomach understand that patience is a virtue. I've noticed that it's true, I do in fact find myself not hungry if I wait a few minutes... And by few, I mean 10 or 15. Not 3.

Thats kind of a mental breakthrough for me... I would eat quickly, then lay my fork down for about 1.5 minutes, attempt to assess my hunger, still feel hungry, and resume shoveling it in.

That obviously doesn't work. The realization that it actually takes some real time to develop the full feeling was an eye opener, for sure.

so thats where I am right now. A good spot, looking forward to putting this 'decade' behind me and getting into new uncharted territory.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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